Sub/Slave Testimonials

Here are a few reviews I have recieved from my precious subs and owned slaves.
  1. You are the divine ruler Supreme Goddess Drux! Goddess Queen Mistress of all inferior beings!
    Precious Slave Worm Robert
  2. Goddess DruX is sensual and fun. She knows how to be personal but yet take control in a way that turns you on if being dominated is your thing.
    L. Krugler-Finsub
  3. Supreme Goddess DruX almighty. Glory be to you Goddess Drux the divine. I am a pathetic slave work slut bitch and is not even worthy to kneel and lick your feet clean supreme Goddess Drux
    Slave Worm Robert
  4. She's put me up for her friends to take petty tributes from me and as each Goddess commented I became more and more turned on knowing that I owed Goddess DruX a commission for each Goddess that responded.
    Lee K.
  5. Supreme Goddess DruX, ruler of the strong and weak! Hail Goddess DruX! Goddess DruX! Supreme ruler! Worship at the Altar of Goddess DruX as a mindless slave drone. Supreme almighty Goddess Mistress Queen DruX
    Precious Slave Robert
  6. She has sexy lips and her eyes just look into my soul telling me what to do...and I must do it.
    L. Krugler
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