Important Information on approaching a ProDomme/Findomme.

1. Before approaching a Prodomme/Findomme, do your research and understand what Findom means, so you know what to expect.

2. Don't ever tell a ProDomme/Findomme that you want to serve her. or be her sub/slave, if you have no intention on payng her. If you aren't ready to pay then a prodomme/findomme isn't for you.

3. Before approaching a Prodomme/Findomme, be honest with yourself about your commitment level and what you hope to provide for her.

4. Be honest with your Prodomme/Findomme about what she can expect from you. 

5. If you plan on being a regular contributor to your Prodomme/Findomme, be consistent. 

6. If some unseen force arises and you can no longer afford to contribute to your Prodomme/Findomme, be honest with her and let her know as soon as possible.

7. Surprise your Prodomme/Findomme with random tributes whenever possible.

8. Don't ask, "what do I get?" If you do then you aren't a true sub, you are a pay for play fetishist. If you are a true sub/slave then your Prodomme/Findomme wishes and content are your only concern.

9. Learn about your Prodomme/Findomme and keep up with her website and social media accounts.

10. Accept her superiority and respect her authority. A Prodomme/Findomme knows what she is doing. Don't question it or you will be punished.

11. Be kind and respectful, too everyone around you. Not just your Prodomme/Findomme.

12. Always thank your Prodomme/Findomme for whatever she gives you.
For all the subs that use being "scammed" as an excuse to refuse to pay professional dommes before any committments:
1. If you were "scammed" by a male pretending to be a female, that fault is entirely on you and not on the Dommes of the BSDM community.

2. If you believe you were "scammed" by a Domme, then that means you had intended on purchasing content from her. Which makes you a fetishist/client and not a submissive/slave, and you did something to anger her, in that case your money still went to better use.

3. If you use this as an excuse to avoid paying a Professional Dominatrix for her time then YOU ARE THE SCAMMER!

4. If you believe you have been scammed and you are too spineless to assume responsibilty and get over it, DO NOT APPROACH A DOMME AND WASTE HER TIME!

5. Nine times out of ten the subs/slaves that say they have been "scammed" in the past are the biggest scammers and time wasters themselves.
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